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Which Washington, DC Neighborhood Are You?

A lot of travelers and locals love Dupont Circle because it is so well positioned amongst the city’s most unique and sought-after neighborhoods. As a hotel, we love being here because that versatile vantage point makes The St. Gregory Hotel an advantageous starting point for a wide range of travelers. If you’re curious about which direction you would most like to head in first when visiting, we’ve broken down the surrounding neighborhoods with different tastes and personality types. 

While we encourage exploring as much as you can, it’s still fun and helpful to play a quick game of Which Washington, DC Neighborhood Are You? 


You’re into: Internationally-inspired restaurants, art galleries and museums, neighborhood hopping

The scene: Good mixture of residential and nightlife with great restaurants and cafes. It feels local and alive at the same time. 

Essential Spots: When you’re staying in and visiting Dupont Circle, it’s definitely worth prioritizing a visit to The Phillips Collection and the Larz Anderson House. You can eat really well in Dupont Circle, so try starting at the Grillfish—a reliable seafood spot near The St. Gregory Hotel with great crab cakes, and outdoor seating—before heading to Boqueria Dupont for tapas, and then Bistrot Du Coin for one of their famous buckets of mussels. 


You’re into: Shopping, designer fashion brands, academia, and gothic architecture

The scene: Home to a couple of major universities, an incredible selection of shops on M Street, and fantastic restaurants — Georgetown feels like an upscale college city mixed with local families and travelers. 

Essential Spots: Checking out the National Historic Landmark that is Healy Hall at Georgetown University is definitely worthwhile. For some classic DC dining, check out Clyde’s of Georgetown and Martin’s Tavern on Wisconsin Avenue


You’re into: American history, politics, and historic architecture

The scene: Being home to The National Mall, these neighborhoods are the tops for those who are excited about visiting the nation’s capital. Picture lots of tourists, government officials, and cultural institutions. 

Essential Spots: National Mall sights such as The Lincoln Memorial, The White House, and The Washington Monument. Each of The Smithsonian Museums. Treat yourself to burgers at Elephant & Castle, or some high-end Italian at Ristorante TOSCA


You’re into: Finding a destination’s finer and less-crowded gems, the theater, and New American cuisine

The scene: Less touristy than Downtown, Foggy Bottom offers similar cultural appeal with its own major institutions. Being quieter with high-end institutions makes Foggy Bottom appeal to a specific type of traveler. 

Essential Spots: The Kennedy Center, Corcoran Gallery, and try eating at Founding Farmers DC, Duke’s Grocery, and Flower Child


You’re into: Partying, photography, bohemian culture

The scene: Adams Morgan is a fun blend of DC’s charming, lesser-known beauties like its colorful, historic row houses. There’s a great bar scene here with live music, funky shopping, and exciting energy. 

Essential Spots: For getting started with the neighborhood’s strong nightlife, try out Madam’s Organ and Jug & Table for some wine on tap. You can also find more drinks and great food at Jack Rose Dining Saloon and Lucky Buns — a fantastic burger spot.
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