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The Perfect Long Weekend in D.C.

An extensive, immersive holiday experience is fabulous if you have the time to make it happen. That’s why we love the beauty of a weekend trip - it can be easy, quick, and just as memorable. There is so much happening in the Nation’s capital to keep every short and long weekend trip in D.C. exciting.

Where to Stay

We recommend The St. Gregory Hotel, of course. Set between the trendy West End and the quaint historic side of Georgetown, the hotel’s home in Dupont Circle is home to many must-see art galleries, iconic museums, stylish boutiques, hip coffee shops, and long-standing bars. We love this neighborhood as it truly is where D.C. sophistication meets the Nation’s history.

What to See

This is a city full of museums. You can begin with the neighborhood favorites and then venture beyond Dupont Circle. Start with The Phillips Collection, America’s first museum of modern art, which often features special exhibitions and programming. The nearby National Geographic Museum is an ideal destination for curious individuals of all ages, so do keep an eye on their reopening date to experience their brand-new Base Camp. 

A 20-minute walk or less than a 10-minute drive from our hotel will take you to The National Mall, where you get access to the capital’s most celebrated museums, as well as memorials and monuments. This includes the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the National Museum of Natural History, and the National Museum of African American History and Culture

For a peek into the political heart of America, visit the White House. While getting inside is tough, you can snap a photo of the president’s home and visit the White House Visitor Center. The 288-ft U.S. Capitol Building is easily one of D.C.’s most recognizable icons. Not only is it an elegant example of 19th-century neoclassical architecture, but it houses a welcoming Capitol Visitor Center that provides educational tours. 

What to Eat & Drink

Inspired by iconic neighborhood bistros in Paris, Ellington Park Bistro offers contemporary French classics with upscale twists. As it is located on the lobby level of our hotel, you can drop in for breakfast, dinner, or a craft cocktail.

As the city has always been home to immigrant communities, there are a variety of cuisines to choose from. Dukem is an iconic Ethiopian restaurant with classic dishes like chicken doro wot, beef tibs, and sour injera, while Mitsitam Café, located in the National Museum of the American Indian, is famous for regional American Indian cuisines. When in doubt, you can always count on the Union Market, where there are many different vendors that you can choose from such as dumplings, dosas, and donuts. 

This itinerary is only a small fraction of what D.C. has to offer, so to see more and experience more, stay longer than a weekend in D.C. When you have the time, treat yourself to a longer vacation with our ‘Stay More, Save More’ package for up to 20% off stays of three nights or more.

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