What To Order at Hazel, DC’s Coolest New Restaurant

The newly opened Hazel, located in uber-hip Shaw neighborhood, is one of DC’s hottest new restaurants. Read on below for our recommendations on what you need to order from this New American dining destination.

Marinated toy box tomatoes, cucumber, basil, furikake, salted plum vinaigrette

This inspired take on a classic farmer’s market salad marries fishy Japanese furikake seasoning and mouth-puckering salted plum vinaigrette with cooling cucumber and basil. You’ll love the umami bomb of this colorful, summery appetizer.

English muffins, whipped ‘nduja, Greek yogurt, olive oil jam, lemon verbena

This decadent, creative dish has already stolen the hearts of the Washington Post. The toasted breakfast muffins are served with a pot of olive oil jam, yogurt, and salami on the side. Use the wooden spoon provided to butter your muffin with the Mediterranean-flavored combination. Warning: you might end up licking the spoon.

Charcoal grilled branzino, curtido, cilantro, avocado gribiche

This smoky grilled fish comes with the skin perfectly crisped on the outside and is served on a bed of egg-laden avocado sauce. Need more? There’s also a curtido, a Salvadoran fermented cabbage salad that’s a close cousin of kimchi or sauerkraut.

Hamachi crudo, crispy rice, black lime, radish, hibiscus, smoked yogurt

This light dish combines two unexpected flavors: a light, tangy yogurt sauce and fresh, citrus-laced Hamachi crudo. This divine juxtaposition of flavors is a definite must-try. Pair with a cooling beer from the lengthy drinks menu.

Sticky-crunchy ribs, roasted peanuts, cilantro, citrus glaze

Enjoy Hazel’s innovative take on a classic American barbecue meal. The mouthwateringly good sweetness of the ribs is perfectly offset by the earthy peanuts and citrus  and cilantro topping.