5 Reasons to Love DC Dosa

Located in the sprawling Union Market complex, DC Dosa is fast becoming one of our favorite spots to eat in the city. Since battling its way to the top of the heap by winning the Startup Kitchen/Think Local First contest in 2012, the food stall has slowly risen through the ranks of District fame for its deliciously crispy take on the Indian dosa.

1. It’s One of DC’s only South Indian spots

DC is home to countless incredible spots for North Indian food, but those nursing a craving for something from the South haven’t had much luck—until now. Owner Priya Ammu is determined to bring dosas, a popular street food, to DC. Boost your global foodie profile with a trip to this local spot.

2. You Can Eat them for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Dosas are primarily a breakfast or snack food in India, which means they’re perfect for digging into at any time of day. Whether you’re meeting up with friends for a brunch date, looking for a dish you can linger over or if you want a portable meal you can munch on while browsing Union Market’s stalls, DC Dosa fits the bill.

3. Everything is Vegan and Gluten-free

Health-conscious foodies will be thrilled to know that every item on the menu here is completely vegan and free of gluten, meaning that you can gorge yourself without any remorse. Pro tip: the stall is the perfect gateway drug for convincing your carnivore friends to give meat-free cuisine a try.

4. They’re Made-to Order

Whatever your tastes, you’ll find something to salivate over at DC Dosa. Pick from five different types of dosa bases, ranging from sourdough to mung lentil, four chutneys, and and three fillings to create your personalized masterpiece.

5. The Lassi

You can’t skip the delicious, cooling mango lassi—a yogurt-based Punjabi drink that is the perfect accompaniment to a spicy dosa. While DC Dosa changes its lassi options depending on the season, we’re partial to the sweet tropical flavors with this warm-weather favorite.

image via nanac707