Explore the Neighborhoods of D.C.


Quite simply, there is no more delightful venue for walking than the Victorian streets radiating off of Dupont Circle. Savor elegant, perfectly preserved four-story brick row homes (mansions, inside); shop the galleries and boutiques along Connecticut Avenue.; wine and dine with international flair; browse a Sunday farmers’ market, find a café for brunch. Discover embassies, fascinating smaller museums and an exhilarating, cosmopolitan ambiance.


Since its founding in 1751, it has been home to fashionistas, foodies, and most recently, political super-stars. The tree-shaded residential quarter oozes both authentically quaint charm and historic markers; nearby dwells M Street, where legendary bars, eclectic bistros and boutiques welcome dignitaries and students. Georgetown glitters day and night — for strolling, shopping and cocktails or late dinner.


Affluent, genteel and attractive, this historic quarter was once known as “Funkstown”, after the German settler who founded it in 1763. Named for the fog that arose from the Potomac (or the utility plants and breweries then in operation), it’s now home to George Washington University, much of the US government including the President’s offices, The Kennedy Center, and the exquisite Corcoran Gallery of Art.


A brilliant example of a revitalized downtown neighborhood, abutting both Pennsylvania Avenue and Chinatown. From the well-thronged Thursday Farmers Market to the endless list of popular (and obscure) museums, theaters, shops, bars and wonderful new parks and plazas, Penn Quarter is a place to hang and feel one with the local (youthful) D.C. vibe. Architecturally, new high-rise apartments share space with some of the city’s most iconic department store buildings and hotels — all newly rehabbed and re-purposed.


Once known as the “Black Broadway”, this vibrant stretch of NW D.C. from Dupont Circle to the Shaw area is now a trendy, diverse neighborhood uniquely rich in African American history and cultural land-marks. Nestled amongst stretches of well-preserved Victorian homes are vintage and newer jazz clubs, the Lincoln Theatre and Duke Ellington’s childhood home. For the hippest D.C. evening ever, U Street’s Poets & Busboys is your first destination.


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