PURE Wellness Rooms

With all the thoughtful features and modern stylish comfort of our studio rooms, our PURE guestrooms provide an extra level of protection for those travelers with heightened sensitivity to allergens and normal level impurities in the air. Our allergy-friendly PURE rooms undergo a rigorous 6-step process including a sealed ozone shock treatment, a bacteriostatic shield application to all surfaces, a deep clean sanitation of the air conditioning unit coils, the addition of Tea Tree oil canisters, installed into the airflow chamber of the AC unit, microfiber pillow and mattress encasements and finally the addition of a class-2 medical air filtration device that consistently removes impurities from the air, making it 99% allergen-free.

PURE Rooms include:

  • Sanitized heater and air conditioner, further treated with PURE Tea Tree Oil
  • Cleansed and sanitized soft surfaces, to eliminate contaminants that trigger allergies
  • PureShield application on all surfaces, to minimize the growth of bacteria
  • One-time shock treatment, to remove any remaining allergy triggers, and to eliminate room odors
  • In-room medical grade air purification system, with up to 5 levels of filtration for maximum air quality
  • Microfiber pillow cases and mattress covers, to eliminate dust and dander


To learn more and book a PURE Wellness Rooms visit our Rooms page.

Please contact the hotel directly at (202) 530-3600 to reserve our PURE rooms.