PURE Wellness Rooms

The St. Gregory Hotel partners with PURE to create allergy-free guest rooms and suites so you can feel fresher, breathe deeper and have a healthy stay in Washington, D.C. Each PURE Wellness room reduces the impact of potential irritants through an in-room air filtration system which removes air particles and the treatment of all surfaces to minimize the growth of bacteria. Our hypoallergenic hotel rooms are nearly 99.9% allergen-free and include:

  • Sanitized heater and air conditioner, further treated with PURE Tea Tree Oil
  • Cleansed and sanitized soft surfaces, to eliminate contaminants that trigger allergies
  • PureShield application on all surfaces, to minimize the growth of bacteria
  • One-time shock treatment, to remove any remaining allergy triggers, and to eliminate room odors
  • In-room medical grade air purification system, with up to 5 levels of filtration for maximum air quality
  • Microfiber pillow cases and mattress covers, to eliminate dust and dander


To learn more and book a PURE Wellness Rooms visit our Rooms page.

Please contact the hotel directly at (202) 530-3600 to reserve our PURE rooms.