{"places":[{"name":"White House","photo":null,"desc":"One of the most famous buildings in the world, the White House serves as home to the President of the United States. (Perhaps you already know that!) Take photos by the wrought-iron fence in front of the house on Pennsylvania Avenue, or contact your member of Congress to schedule a self-guided tour.    ","cater":"Sights","coords":"38.897676, -77.036535","permalink":"#","address":"1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500","phone":"(202) 456-1111","distance":"","video":null,"deal":""},{"name":"Washington Monument","photo":null,"desc":"The tallest structure in all of DC, this 554-foot obelisk forms the centerpiece of DC\u2019s monument zone. Visitors can now take an elevator up to the observation deck, following three years of repair work after a 2011 earthquake. From the top, gaze across the entire city and the National Mall below.    ","cater":"Sights","coords":"38.889526, -77.035284","permalink":"#","address":"2 15th St NW Washington, DC 20007","phone":"(202) 426-6841","distance":"","video":null,"deal":""},{"name":"Jefferson Memorial","photo":null,"desc":"A short walk around the Tidal Basin from the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument, this is DC\u2019s most elegant landmark. The circular structure with ionic columns encloses a 19-foot bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson. Come springtime, white and pink cherry blossoms frame the scene.    ","cater":"Sights","coords":"38.881136, -77.036473","permalink":"#","address":"701 East Basin SW Washington, DC 20242","phone":"(202) 426-6841","distance":"","video":null,"deal":""},{"name":"MLK Memorial","photo":null,"desc":"One of the newest landmarks in the city, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial is a breathtaking addition to the National Mall\u2019s monument zone. At the center of the memorial sit two stone structures inspired by Dr. King\u2019s \u201cI Have a Dream\u201d speech, in which he said \u201cOut of a mountain of despair, a stone of hope.\u201d Visitors pass through the memorial\u2019s Mountain of Despair as they walk towards the...","cater":"Sights","coords":"38.886330, -77.044295","permalink":"#","address":"1964 Independence Ave SW Washington, DC 20024","phone":"(202) 426-6841","distance":"","video":null,"deal":""},{"name":"Capitol Building","photo":null,"desc":"Sitting high on Capitol Hill at the far eastern edge of the Mall, the domed Capitol Building is the seat of the U.S. Congress and one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city. Walk around the grounds, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted (of NYC\u2019s Central Park fame), for stunning views across the city, or venture inside for individual, family, and small group tours.    ","cater":"Sights","coords":"38.889496, -77.009088","permalink":"#","address":"East Capitol St & First St SE Washington, DC 20004","phone":"(202) 226-8000","distance":"","video":null,"deal":""}]}