Why We Love Ten Tigers Parlour

DC’s Petworth neighborhood has enjoyed a true culinary renaissance over the last year, with new restaurants sprouting up seemingly every other week. We paid a visit to one of the area’s most recent gourmet additions, Ten Tigers Parlour. Here’s what we loved about the new Asian lounge.

Delicious, Broth-Filled Xiao Long Bao (Soup Dumplings)

If you’ve never tried a soup dumpling before, we can’t stress just how delicious these glorious, liquid-filled steamed balls of dough are. At Ten Tigers, each bun is handmade and stuffed with fillings like chicken broth and ground pork.

Heaping Bowls of Noodles

You’ll find plenty of delicious options on offer if you’re in the mood for a heaping bowl of noodles. On a cold winter-day, go for the ginger scallion noodles, a brothy dish composed of ramen, ginger, scallion, and sesame that’ll warm you right up.

Donburi (With A Fried Egg On Top)

Ten Tigers’ pan-Asian concept means that you’ll get to try a variety of dishes from countries across the continent. We’d recommend ordering the donburi, a bowl of white rice served with steamed stew, a fried egg, and pickles. Toppings include braised pork belly and Tonkatsu chicken, composed of ketchup and soy sauce.

Sweet, Delicious Bubble Tea

Pair your soup dumplings with a cooling glass of boba, or bubble tea. This tea-based Taiwanese take on a smoothie comes with chewy tapioca balls at the bottom and is offered in an array of flavors.

Egg Tarts For Dessert

Finish your meal with a classic Hong Kong egg tart. This baked treat, which has its roots in Portugal, is made up of a flaky outer pastry crust filled with sweet egg custard. You’ll want to inhale an entire plate of these, so make sure to order a couple.