Where To Bike or Scooter In DC

Washington, DC is an exceptional city to travel on smaller wheels. Bike paths and leafy bike lanes make for an extra-pleasant ride, letting you see some of the city’s most iconic sights at your own pace.

Around Dupont Circle

Located right near the St. Gregory Hotel in Washington, DC, Dupont Circle is one of the best neighborhoods in town for biking or scooter riding. Some nearby sights include the center roundabout and statue of Dupont Circle, the nearby Phillips Collection, and easy access to Rock Creek.

Capital Crescent Trail

More for biking, Capital Crescent Trail offers one of the true off-road experiences in Washington, DC. It runs all the way from nearby Georgetown to Silver Spring, Maryland, attracting many of the city’s most avid cyclists, walkers, and runners. Come here for fresh air and an escape from the city’s urban bustle.

Hains Point

Head over to East Potomac Park and ride out to its beloved southern lookout point known as Hains Point. The ride will take you through the city, and then the park’s winding pathways and tall trees. The lookout point ganders out over the gorgeous Potomac River and Washington Channel.

Along The Georgetown Waterfront

A short ride from the St. Gregory Hotel and Dupont Circle, the Georgetown Waterfront is one of the most scenic and popular spots to hangout in town. The wide sidewalks makes it perfect for those on bike or a new Bird or Lime scooter, and the riverside benches offer many scenic resting points.

The National Mall

Arguably the most obvious and most necessary spot to take your bike or scooter tours of DC, the National Mall is DC’s signature stretch of national monuments, memorials, and museums. Take a cruise from the Lincoln Memorial to the U.S. Capitol Building and guarantee yourself a number of memorable sights along the way.

Discover More of Washington

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