The 5 Best Dishes At Maketto

Run by local luminary Erik Bruner-Yang (also of ramen nook Toki Underground fame),  this hybrid boutique-cafe-restaurant is a favorite of DC’s foodie crowd. The restaurant is open for dim sum brunch on Sundays and lunch and dinner on every other day of the week. Still, Maketto’s reputation reaches so far that it can still be tough to get a table over a year after opening day. Read on for our picks below for the must-order dishes at this pan-Asian gastronomic paradise.

Coconut Milk Scallop Crudo

If you’re going to order an appetizer, it should be this sweet, creamy, and delicate dish—the perfect way to get your palate ready for a spicy meal at Maketto. The crudo starter couples the buttery, fresh scallops with rich coconut milk for a luxurious pairing as smooth as a glass of California Chardonnay.

100 Year Egg With Local Tofu

Don’t let the name put you off—the eggs are definitely less than a century old with this Chinese delicacy, made by preserving eggs in a combination of clay, ash, salt, quicklime, and rice hulls. The dish comes with silky tofu, perfect for soaking up the saltiness of the preserved egg.

Anchovy Peanut Brittle

This crunchy, Thai chili-infused combo isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s has already been spotlighted in the Washington City Paper for its striking flavor profile. The review’s key word is umami—while you might get a few hints  of fish, the dish has a distinctive, savory flavor.

Spicy Laab over Bone Marrow

The rich, umami undertones of the bone marrow of this dish are accentuated by a heavy kick of spice from the fragrant pork laab piled on top. The dish is served on a bed of white rice, perfect for soaking up some of the flavor. Pair this one with an icy glass of beer or one of the house cocktails to cool you down between mouthwatering bites.

French’s Egg Custard Tart

The rich, creamy custard filling in these tiny, delicate desserts is an excellent counterpoint to the flaky crust. The rich flavors in the pastry will transport you straight to a night market in Hong Kong. Warning: you might not be able to stop at just one of these delicious pastries.