St. Gregory’s Favorite Theatres in Washington, DC

Washington, DC is home to one of the most respectable performing arts scenes in the country. From historic to new wave to a solid place to catch a flick, here are a few of our favorite theaters in Washington, DC.

National Theatre

A name like the National Theatre means something in Washington, DC, especially when it’s located just down the way from the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue. For over an astonishing two centuries, it’s hosted Broadway shows, children’s programing, concerts, movies and more.

West End Cinema

A little changeup from an evening of nice clothes and live performances, locals and travelers can also lose themselves in the imagination of the silver screen. West End Cinema offers unmatched indie flick programming and throwback screenings in Washington, DC.

Ford’s Theatre

It’s most well-known as the place where Abraham Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth. Carrying on as part museum and part active theater, Ford’s is a must-visit for travelers new to DC. Take a walking tour or sit down and enjoy a high end production when stopping by this well known landmark.

Warner Theatre

A grand golden ceiling with intricate designs reminiscent of a regal mandala hangs over the grand auditorium at Warner Theatre. Dating back to the 1920s, this venue has seen Jerry Lewis and the Rolling Stones among a fantastic lineup of fellow musicians, comedians and productions.

Kennedy Center

The Kennedy Center is considered the leading performing arts venue in DC, with eclectic programing of musicals, operas, concerts and more. National symphonies and Broadway productions are among regular performances here.