Our Favorite Local Social Media Accounts

In 2018, one of the best ways to get in touch with a city’s culture is by following its most knowledgeable social media accounts. From foodie-heaven Instagram feeds, to the Twitter accounts of local culture experts, these are some of our favorite Washington, DC social media accounts.


Most major American cities have an outpost of Eater journalists and social media stars whose magnificent jobs consist of constantly hunting down the best local eats. Check out this Instagram account for some mouth-watering pictures of dishes you can go try while staying in Washington, DC.


This beautiful Instagram showcases the gorgeous architecture on view in the capital’s neighborhoods, including both monumental and charming scenescapes. We love Laurie’s bright colors and overall luxe feel.


The Smithsonian is the captain of DC culture IRL, so it makes sense to check out its Twitter page for updates on the best exhibits, and events happening across its 19 museums. You can get connected to local speakers, find some magnificent photography, and get a ton of ideas on what to visit on your next trip to DC.


Local Washington, DC photographer Adrien Radford has a nice, artful Instagram that will give you a good sense of exploring this city. With pleasant snapshots of posh neighborhoods like Georgetown and Dupont, local styles, and simple attractions, this is a great feed to get you excited about an upcoming trip.


Washington, DC is filled with culture and most of it is inspired by history. To get excited about all of the old pictures, historic figures, and iconic memorials you’ll see in Washington, DC—check out historian Michael Beschloss’ Twitter account, which is filled with old political snapshots.


Who better to follow for great insights into the city’s most delicious and exciting attractions than a long-time nightlife critic, and beer columnist for the Washington Post. Fritz Hahn fits this bill, and posts snapshots of great spots around town most days of the week.


Us, of course! On our Instagram account, you’ll find not only pictures of our recently renovated hotel, but also destination shots that will remind you why DC is one of the country’s top destinations.

Learn more about our hotel here, so that you can experience the best of Washington for yourself.