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Georgian restaurant Supra is already one of the coolest new spots in DC to enjoy an incredible dinner. From the visual surroundings to the unique dining-style, and of course the food and drinks, these are some of the reasons why we love Supra:

The Decor

The moment you walk into Supra, you’ll be struck by the gorgeous surroundings. The restaurant combines a chic, modern sensibility with more traditional Georgian elements, making for a unique and beautiful spot. Our favorite piece here is the installation of wool hats, traditionally worn by Georgian shepherds, which will definitely get you talking.

The Communal Dining

In line with Georgian tradition, the menu at Supra is mainly family-style. That ethos is incorporated throughout the restaurant’s decor, with a long communal table extending throughout the main dining room. While private tables are still available, the communal table makes for a fun experience and you’ll get to know some interesting people.

The Drinks Selection

Wines from Central Asia and Central and Eastern Europe are getting a lot of buzz right now, and there’s no better place to try them than at Supra. You can choose from a number of different offerings, ranging from familiar wines that are similar to your average Sauvignon Blanc to more experimental offerings.

The Appetizer Platters

Since there aren’t too many places to sample Georgian cuisine in the U.S., you may find yourself hard-pressed to decide what to order, since so many of the menu options sound delicious. Luckily Supra offers a number of appetizer platters that’ll let you try a little bit of everything. Make sure to order at least one platter for the table so everyone can determine their new Georgian food of choice.

The Khachapuri

We can’t get enough of the khachapuri, a delicious cheesy bread made across Georgia. Supra offers several different types of khachapuri, including one topped with meat, but our favorite is definitely the ajaruli, which comes with an egg to make it even more incredible.

1205 11th St NW, Washington, DC 20001
(202) 789-1205