Five Great Political Podcasts For Your D.C. Trip

Before you head over to DC, you’ll want to school up on the city’s number one obsession: politics. Here are our top five favorite political podcasts to get you started.

Slate’s Political Gabfest

Readers of online news magazine Slate will likely already be familiar with the website’s spot-on political commentary. For both longtime readers of the website, as well as total newcomers, this podcast will provide some of Slate’s signature political insight, as the hosts explore and discuss the various events going on around Washington.

NPR Politics Podcast

NPR’s weekly analysis of political events are a great way to stay up to date on current events while on a busy schedule. Hosts typically include the radio station’s White House and congressional reporters, who can provide direct insight into the political events unfolding in DC.

Slate’s Trumpcast

If you’re looking for a podcast specifically focused on the president, then Trumpcast is the one to listen to. Coordinated by Slate, this podcast analyzes President Trump’s actions, policies, and speeches, focusing on a wide range of issues linked to his presidency.

The Bernie Sanders Show

It’s 2017 and everyone has a podcast, even former Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. Senator Sanders’ podcast is ideal for anyone looking to understand more about his politics and worldview; the show also regularly features guest speakers who engage in conversation.

Pod Save America

This podcast, hosted by former Obama White House staffers, tends to run long (sometimes over an hour), but the snappy dialogue between the witty co-hosts is so funny and conversational that you’ll want it to go longer. You’ll love getting to hear their incisive takes on politics, as they draw from their personal experiences in politics to analyze what’s happening now.