Five Best Dishes At Le Diplomate

This romantic French eatery on DC’s 14th Street will steal your heart away. It feels like you’ve walked straight into a Parisian bistro when you glimpse the restaurant’s tiled interior and glassed-in patio. Just wait until we get started on the delicious array of Gallic offerings on the menu.

Check out our recommendations for what to eat during your visit to Le Diplomate:

Petit Plateau

Start your meal off right with a tiered tray of fresh seafood appetizers, including shrimp cocktail, crab, and lobster. The only thing you’ll love more than actually eating  this Washingtonian-recommended, decadent choice will be the Instagram post you take of it.

Foie Gras Parfait

Luxurious, but oh-so-light, this classically-French, goose-liver dish comes with a sweet strawberry-rhubarb marmalade. Spread some of this buttery delicacy on a slice of bread for a heavenly treat.

Steak Tartare de Parc

If you need a little more opulence with your dinner, never fear. We’ve got you covered with this sumptuous, hand-chopped steak dish, which comes with salty capers and a quail egg on top. Mix them together and ladle onto a slice of crispy baguette.

Salade Lyonnaise

Want to keep your meal on the lighter side without sacrificing taste? Try the Salade Lyonnaise, which comes with endive, lardons (essentially French bacon) and a poached egg. It’ll transport you to a summer afternoon at a bouchon in Lyon.

Burger Americain

We know what you’re thinking—who goes to a French bistro and orders a burger? But one bite of this American cheese-laden, double-pattied critical darling, which has received accolades from the Washingtonian, Zagat, and local chefs, and you’ll become a believer.