5 Reasons You Need To Go To Bad Saint

If you’re all about finding the most talked-about joints in town when on the road, you’re going to love DC’s favorite Filipino fusion spot—Bad Saint. We’ve got five great reasons to drop by this tiny, walk-ins only, DC food paradise.

The Established Team

Co-owners Nick Pimentel and Genevieve Villamora have put in time at nearby Room 11, a neighborhood favorite, and Dupont Circle’s Komi, which regularly ranks at the very top of local magazine the Washingtonian’s list of the city’s Very Best Restaurants. Meanwhile, chef Tom Cunanan has worked the kitchen at Ardeo + Bardeo, another critically acclaimed city favorite.

Old School Chic Cocktails

The innovative cocktail list at Bad Saint highlights tropical tastes, like acai, while still mixing in traditional ingredients. We’re big fans of the rum-and-citrus Baguio Skin and the pineapple-and-cognac Zamboanga Zeinie.

Bitter Melon and Gourmet Sprite Entrees

Even if you’ve never had Filipino food, you’re still likely to find some familiar dishes in the mix. The menu changes regularly, but we’re partial to the Sprite-marinated grilled pork lettuce wraps. Adventurous eaters will want several helpings of the bitter melon entree, which comes with fermented beans and a scrambled egg.

The Sweet, Salty, and Sour Adobo

Made by marinating meat or seafood in a mixture of soy sauce, vinegar, peppercorn, and garlic, this classic Filipino comfort food is known as the country’s national dish. Bad Saint offers several types of adobo dishes, naturally, each with their own unique flavor profile. The thick coconut-and-pumpkin chicken adobo is one of several standout options.

Purple Rice For Dessert

There’s no dessert menu here, but in-the-know diners can order the restaurant’s bilo bilo, a sweet coconut milk purple rice dish, served with slices of baked apples. Looking for something on the lighter side? There’s also a citrus-infused chia seed dessert that health-conscious diners can feast on.

image @tomccunanan